Volunteers….Making a Difference at Hopedale Commons

Consider volunteering at HMC by sharing your time, talents, and gifts with those that are part of Hopedale Medical Complex.  As volunteers at HMC, we offer an extra dimension of care and services to all those we support.  Volunteer Services is essential to the mission of Hopedale Medical Complex providing an efficient and humanistic volunteer staff, which offers an extra dimension of care and service to patients, empathy for families, visitors, and supportive services for the staff.

We welcome individuals of all abilities and backgrounds and do not judge applicants by race, religion, or age. Instead, we pursue volunteers who understand the need of service to others, are dependable and are committed to the betterment of their community.

Volunteer Benefits

Volunteers provide an invaluable service to not only the HMC family but to each person that they encounter during their volunteer shifts. Below is a list of some of the benefits offered to volunteers at HMC:


Volunteer Backgrounds

HMC volunteers come from a wide array of backgrounds that help us fill unique and special volunteer roles within the complex. Your efforts will help us continue to provide outstanding health, wellness, and senior living services at HMC.  HMC volunteers find fulfillment, practical work experience, and companionship in their time with HMC.

Volunteer Opportunities

Becoming a Volunteer

 Download a Volunteer Application!  

Questions about HMC Volunteer Services

We would love to answer your questions and assist you through this process. To volunteer, or to find out more information, please call Mindy in Volunteer Services at 309-449-4290 or email her at [email protected].